Lillie Vertrees Odom reminisces about her father, Peter Vertrees, whose portrait hangs on the wall behind her. He was in the army of the Confederate States of America during he war between the states. What makes that more unusual is that he was half-black and half-white.

Caleb "Bones" Owens thinks hard as he tries to help a fellow artist come up with new lyrics for a song.
Hip hop producer and songwriter Jim Jonsin has relocated his business to Nashville, providing a spark to the city's hip-hop scene that he says has unlimited potential.

The sun shines brightly on the face of Myriah Ellis, illuminating the cross on her cap, as she waits for her drill team from Oklahoma to perform during the closing night of the National Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress that was held at Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

Surrounded by a few of his images, along with paint brushes and other mementos, Igor Babailov a Russian born artist, is reflected in a mirror in his studio. Babailov has been commissioned to paint the official portrait of Pope Francis. In the past, he has painted  Pope Benedict XVI, George Bush, Nelson Mandela and Vladimir Putin.

Former Mayors Richard Fulton, Phil Bredesen, Current Mayor Karl Dean, and former Mayor Bill Boner gathered in a conference room to take a moment to wish Metro Happy Birthday in a video message.
Metro Government celebrated its 50th year in existence with a celebration at the Metro Courthouse. Four of the five living mayors of Nashville were in attendance.

Michael Trotter and his wife, Tanya Blount-Trotter, are the duo, The War and Treaty.

Kirk Jackson loves old manual typewriters. He has collected around 220 and has begun to fix, and sell them at Nashville Typewriter.

Dr. Hugh Berryman of Middle Tennessee State University was one of only 11 experts from across the United States to examine the bones of Kennewick Man, A 9,300-year-old skeleton found 10 years ago along the Columbia River at Kennewick, Washington.

DJ Moore, Vanderbilt football player.

Carolyn Nash's varied hat collection will stand her well during Easter and for many other special occasions during the year.

Afternoon light falls on Terry Carr-Hall, owner of Provence Bakery.

With Virginia, his wife of 65 years watching, Ive C. Agee Jr tries on the military cap that he wore during World War II. It is on of the few keepsakes that the Gordonsville native and D—Day veteran has from his time in the service.

Brady Seals and Gordon Kennedy, co-producers of Music City Pickers Live, a weekly live music show that takes place at The Factory in Franklin.

John Glynn has 5 ancestors who signed the Declaration of Independence. He will be in Philadelphia on July 4th with other descendants of the original 56 who signed the famous document.

Country band Parmalee drummer Scott Thomas and two would-be robbers shot it out in the band's RV after a gig with his brother Matt. Both robbers died.

Spoken Word Musicians J. Ivy and Tarrey Torae will be leaving Nashville soon for the bright lights of New York, searching for that elusive record contract.

Bobby Osborne and his brother Sonny In 1967 as the bluegrass band the Osborne Brothers released the first recorded version of Boudleaux and Felice Bryant's song "Rocky Top."

Pedro Garcia lifts a stick of tobacco onto a trailer as he and others clear a field on Andy Welch's farm in Hartsville.

Using string and wire, Leslie Patterson weaves together connected items from different historical backgrounds in her artwork.

George Lewis thinks back to Dec 7, 1941 and remembers the changes that came to America and the rest of the world as a result of the bombing at Pearl Harbor. As a young Marine he said  "We were just looking for a way to survive."

 The Nazis tried to strip Menachem Limor of who he was and took everything he had when they put him in a concentration camp and killed the rest of his family, except his brother. With the love of his wife Lea he was able to make something of himself and has raised 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

KORE employees prepare chickens for processing at a small operation in Gressier, Haiti.

 Sam Dunson, one of the best and brightest young art stars in Nashville,  always wears a happy face to the public but shows a darker more whimsical side in the self portraits he does, including the one of himself as a priest on the wall behind him.

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